Start by going to your ANOW Calendar. 

On the right of the screen, there are 3 tabs. Click on the 3rd tab - 'Filter'.

Near the bottom, click the Green button that says Connect Calendar. A box will appear with a link.

To add the feed in Outlook, follow these instructions:

1. In Outlook, Choose “Tools” and “Account Settings”.
2. In the dialog box that appears, click on the “Internet Calendars” tab.
3. Click on the “New” link and paste your Anow Calendar link into the field.
4. Click “Add” when finished and enter a custom name for this new calendar if you want.
Click “OK” when finished.
Click on your regular “Calendar” link in Outlook to view your default calendar. This new calendar should now be available in addition to your default calendar and can be viewed as an overlay to your default calendar or side-by-side. For more information about viewing internet calendars in Outlook, please read this article on Microsoft’s website.

Please note the calendar for outlook is a one-way sync, and only dates in Anow will be added to your calendar, not the other way around.

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