If you want to stop seeing your Google Calendar appointments in your Anow Calendar:

1) First, go to your Anow Calendar.

2) Next you will need to navigate to the Filter section underneath the mini-calendar.

3) Finally, uncheck the Google Calendar box below the Non Appraisal Dates section (see photo attached for reference).

If you want to totally remove the sync from Google --> Anow: 

1) Access the My Account page of your Google account.

2) Next, select Sign-in & security, then choose Apps with account access from the side menu.

3) Now click Manage Apps, then click Remove Access next to Anow.

If you want to totally remove the sync from Anow --> Google:

1) Go to your Gmail Settings page.

2) Choose the Anow Calendar from the side menu under Settings for my calendars.

3) Scroll down and you will find the section where you can remove the Anow calendar: 

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