Only users with admin privileges will be able to do this. Click your initials in the top right hand corner of the application, then select “Account” from the dropdown.

Then, navigate to “Company Settings” in the navigation.

Under the heading, “File Numbers” is where you will set this up. Anow allows for a Prefix, Suffix, custom interval and number. A preview is provided so you can see what it looks like. If you already entered an appraisal, it will also show you the last file number you used.

Set your file numbers to be automatically set each time you add a new appraisal order. To use this, in the 'Next Number Field' input the next file number you'll be using (just the number) on your next appraisal order. Then you can set an optional prefix and/or a suffix that you want amended to every new file number. The interval means the amount the file number will increase each time you create a new appraisal (the most common is 1). You can always come back here and edit the Next Number to match up with any changes you make.

Leave it blank if you don't want to use this feature.

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