Invoices are generated from the details of an appraisal. On the far right, under Fees & Costs, click the Generate PDF Invoice button.

This will take you to the invoice creator. If you have a logo uploaded, it will appear in the top left. If you don’t, you can upload one in your Company Settings. If you have your company address set, it will be automatically populated in the next field.

The “Invoice for:” field pulls the client it is “Addressed to” on the appraisal. If you have an address for this client, it will also appear here.

Below that, the owner/borrower will also be listed.

On the far right, the invoice number pulls your file number. Client reference number is also pulled from the details page. The invoice date automatically chooses today’s date but can be changed. You may also set a due date for the invoice here.

The invoice items are pulled from the fees & costs section, and can all be adjusted if needed. You can also add additional items as you wish. There is also a field to add your tax rate, as well as add an amount paid if you have already received partial payment.

In the Notes section, you can add anything you wish. Below that, your tax registration number is also pulled from the Company Settings Profile.

When you are ready to generate your invoice, simply click on the green Generate Invoice button on the bottom right.

Your invoice will now be attached to your appraisal under "Attached Files". You can also click 'View Invoice' to see the invoice or download it.

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