Anow is thrilled to offer it's very own form filler!  Nexus will provide you with the ability to upload images through our mobile app, have side by side comparables with other orders and provide multiple users the ability to edit the reports in real time!

Nexus also has a "sketch" ability that will calculate the square footage of the floor plan you manually design.  

While your features may be limited in this first build, you can see what is still to come very soon.

What can I do?

1.  Open this same form on a different computer or browser. Start typing.

2.  Add some comparables and comp photos. Change to the comparable map view then drag and drop your comps to rearrange them.

3.  Add photos on the image page. Watch them show up in real-time on the report on the other screen.

4.  Click the pencil on an image, and edit the description or add a tag to it.

5.  Add a new image page. Change the title and drag and drop photos from the right side to your page.  Then check out the image page that was just created.

6.  Export to an XML whenever you're finished. 

Remember to contact us with any feedback or wish list items using our green chat widget in the bottom right.

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