If you login to Anow and still see the old appraisal dashboard, click the Enable New View trigger.

When the new view loads, this is what you'll see:

For a full, detailed breakdown of the new dashboard view, click here!

On the left side of the dashboard you'll notice a new Order Desk that by default shows your Open & In Progress orders. There's also an option to view your Pending orders - click here.

When the page loads you'll now see a new set of headers at the top - Open and Resolved. You can click on any of the values under these headers to narrow down your dashboard. These are all of the orders that have been sent to you via integrations or from other offices. 

To accept an order, click the green Accept button and you'll see the badge change to show that it's Accepted, along with the accepted date. Click on the order to start working on the appraisal workfile and report!

To decline an order, click the dropdown arrow next to where it says "accept" and select the Decline option. 

On the left-hand side you can also filter by Source

To reset any filters you've set, select Reset Filters on the left of your screen. If you click on the Orders option, you'll return to your main appraisal dashboard.

To return to the old version of the Order Desk, select the Back To Old View option at the bottom of the page.

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