What is nexus?
You can find out more about Nexus here.

What is the price of Nexus?
Our current clients are provided 3 free months. After that, it is billed on a per user basis.

Who is Nexus For?
Nexus was developed  for appraisers who are performing form-filling or narrative long-form reports. We have designed it as a “one-stop shop” alternative to other software, ultimately requiring less work. 

What types of reports can Nexus do?
Currently just the 1004. The 1073 and GP res will be released at a later date. 

How does it compare to TOTAL?
Being multi user collaborative and cloud based allows you seamless transition within an appraisal. With the mobile Inspect you'll experience simply mind-blowing ease of use and speed. You can finish filling out the form from anywhere.

Can inspection info be transferred to TOTAL?
At this time, we do not export to other platforms. Nexus is an alternative to TOTAL.

When will an android inspection tool be ready?
We are diligently working toward an Android inspection tool in time for next Summer.

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