Veros Real Estate Solutions’ VeroSCORE is an automated appraisal scoring tool that instantly identifies “red flags” in appraisal reports with a completeness, compliance, credibility, complexity, and overall score for your reports. Brought to you by Veros, who built and maintains the UCDP Upload Portal, VeroScore helps ensure your reports are in top shape before being uploaded and reduces unnecessary revision requests.

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It's so simple to run a VeroSCORE report for your appraisals. 

First you'll want to go to the details page for the order you want, then scroll to the bottom of the page where you attach files and final reports. Click Run Report Precheck. 

If you accept NVS orders as well as Veros orders, you'll see this screen appear before the VeroSCORE pop up opens. Select Get Your VeroSCORE

If you don't accept NVS orders, you'll see this screen right away after clicking Run Report Precheck. This screen is also what you'll see after clicking Get Your VeroSCORE in the previous step (for those who accept NVS and Veros orders):

You will also see here that this precheck costs 5 credits. Click here for more information on buying credits for your account. 

Attach the file you want to run a precheck on, either browser or drag & drop, and the VeroSCORE process will automatically begin. 

Once your score has been calculated a window will appear showing you your results including the overall risk, completeness score, compliance score, and more. 

Still want to learn more? Click here for further information on Anow Credits. 

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