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What are Global Updates and where do I find them?
What are Global Updates and where do I find them?

Global updates are notifications to keep you up-to-date in real-time!

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We've added another feature to Anow that's designed specifically with organization and efficiency in mind. Introducing, Global Updates! You'll notice a bell icon in your top navigation bar. This is where your updates live!

You will receive an update on the following activities:

  • Appointment Date Set

  • Appointment Date Removed

  • Task Completed

  • Task Unchecked

  • Inspection Completed

  • Inspection Unchecked

  • Final Report Uploaded

  • Marking a message as "I’ve Got This” (read more about this feature here)

  • I've Got This Completed

As soon as an update happens, you'll see a notification on the bell icon. Clicking this slides over the update panel, where you can see all new updates. Clicking on an update will take you to the order associated with that update; and subsequently mark it as unread!

You also have the ability to mark all updates as Read in the Actions section.

Tips and Tricks:

  • easily mark each notification as either read or unread by simply clicking the dot on the right side

  • Bulk mark all notifications as read by clicking Actions on the top right and selecting Mark All as Read.

  • Only want to see certain notifications? Click on the Filters, and toggle each activity on and off according to what you'd like to see notifications for.

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