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What is the Anow Rewards program?
What is the Anow Rewards program?

It pays to spread the ❤️. With this referral program, the more you share, the more you earn!

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We love seeing Anow users talk about their love for Anow with others, and we wanted to come up with a way to reward our users for that! Introducing, the Anow Rewards referral program. 

What's the reward for referring my friends?

For every friend who joins and subscribes to an Anow plan, we'll give you a 1-month subscription credit (per friend!). PLUS - they get a 1-month credit too! Everyone wins.

Where do I start?

Login to your Anow account and click your initials in the top right corner. Select the Anow Rewards option from the dropdown menu - this is the Rewards section. Click here to start spreading the love!

  1. Share
    Go to your Rewards section in Anow, and get your share link! Start e-mailing your link and sharing it on your social media!

  2. Get Rewarded
    For every friend that subscribes to Anow, you'll receive a 1-month subscription credit, and so will your friend! 

  3. Repeat
    Share with 12 friends, and you could have Anow free for an entire year! The more you share, the more you earn.

Please note: We reserve the right to remove any participant and their referrals without prior notice if fraudulent behavior is detected. Rewards will be given only after validating the referrals of participants.

How do I achieve Gold Status?

Click here for the official launch page. 

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