To begin, assign an appraisal just like you normally would. This can be done from either the New Appraisal form, Quick Add form, or the details page.

When an order has been assigned but not been officially accepted by the appraiser, it will say "Awaiting" on the main dashboard view.

Orders that are awaiting acceptance will appear in the Pending Orders tab for the person that has been assigned.

From here the order can be accepted, conditionally accepted, or declined.

Conditional Acceptance allows an appraiser to accept an order based on a counter proposal that they submit. Appraisers can counter on the fee and/or on the due date.

Once the appraisal has been accepted or declined, it will show the relevant acceptance status (accepted, conditional, or declined) on the main dashboard.

Anow Pro Tip: Hover over where it says "Accepted" to see the date and time when it was accepted by the appraiser.

The Activity Feed on the order will also update accordingly with a new event:

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