Begin by going to the appraisal details page for the order you want to start sketching on your mobile device, then select Start Inspection.

Scroll down on the Inspection page until you see the Sketch icon under the "Property & Primary Structure" header.

This is the Mobile Sketch tool. You'll notice along the top of the screen there are a few important icons to take note of:

  • Center & Fit

  • Undo

  • Redo

  • Duplicate Shape

  • Reset Sketch

You can zoom in and out, and adjust the positioning with your fingers on the screen.

There are two ways that you can draw the property using the Mobile Sketch tool:

1. Use the touchscreen and simply use your fingers or a stylus to tap on the grid and sketch out the area by hand.

2. Use the numbers and arrows towards the bottom of the screen to draw the area for you.

Example: I need the first wall to go 15 feet to the left of the grid. First, using the number pad on the screen, enter "15". Next, click the arrow that points directly to the left.

The line has appeared and all I have to do is click "OK" from the bottom of the screen to set that line in place. Continue on the same process of entering the number of feet and selecting the direction for each wall until the area is complete.

Anow Pro Tip: The mobile sketch tool will try to predict where your next line is going (see the dotted line in the red box below). If it's the last wall you're sketching for that area, and if it's accurate, you can click Close Shape to easily close off the area and add a label.

When you've finished outlining the first shape, a list of Area Labels will appear for you to choose from. This can also be edited later on.

I've set this area to represent the "Basement" of the property and I can see that the area, or square footage, has been calculated. Click directly on the area label (in this case, where it says "Basement") and it will highlight in green, then select the Add Label icon:

This is where you can edit the name of this shape to whatever you'd like, or you can click the three blue dots to pick from a list of provided labels.

To enter your own custom label:

  1. Type what you want the label to be (for this example it's "Basement - Unfinished").

  2. Click the green check mark to add the label.

  3. When you're done, click the blue "X" to close the label tool.

You can add additional labels anytime by clicking where on the sketch you want the label to go, and selecting the Add Label icon. Enter the label name you want, add it, and it will appear!

Move labels around the sketch anytime by selecting it so it's green, and using the arrow keys.

Add Interior Photos from Mobile Sketch Tool

Attach interior photos and details directly from the sketch page by clicking the Interior icon (look above the Add Labels icon).

Add as many rooms to each level as you'd like, as well as additional levels (click the + icon by "First Floor" to add a "Second Floor"). For each room you can take photos, add condition details, select features, and add notes.

When you're done sketching and the mobile app has been refreshed, it will sync your sketch to the web version of your Nexus report.

Learn more about Nexus here!

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