With Nexus appraisers can build better reports faster and from anywhere, with a collaborative appraisal form filler that lives in the Cloud.

This isn't just another form filling software. Nexus comes with an entire suite of tools and revolutionary features that are specifically designed for appraisers wanting to build better reports, including:

  • Smart UAD Rules - Say "goodbye" to errors and omissions! Nexus comes with real-time prompts to help reduce revisions.

  • Automatically Generated Picklists - Nexus gathers the most common and recently used responses for each field, and adds them to the Picklist for you to reference on future forms.

  • Customize Text To Your Needs - You have the power to choose how the text on your form is displayed with size, color, formatting and alignment tools in Nexus.

  • Spark + Nexus Integration *Coming Soon!* - Everything you need to appraise better.

Who is Nexus For?

Nexus is built for appraisers who are performing form-filling or narrative long-form reports. We have designed it as a “one-stop shop” alternative to other software, ultimately requiring less work.

For all of our support documents on Nexus, click here!

Please contact our friendly support team if you have any further questions about Nexus and how to get started 😃

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