Perform a Mobile Inspection

Go to the details page for any appraisal on the mobile app and tap Start Inspection, below the property address details.

For American addresses, "1004 - Single Family Residential (2010) UAD" will be the default form type. This can be changed by tapping the form type and choosing an option from the list.

Basic inspection details will appear in the first section including due date, client info, all photos, files and notes, and more.

Scroll down a bit further to see all the inspection areas you can work on. Tap any of the tiles to get started.

  • Exterior - Set the structure type, status, architectural style, year built, condition, foundation and basement details, car storage info, photos, notes and more.

  • Interior - Add all the floors and rooms you need to keep inspection details organized. Report on condition, flooring, walls, appliances, fixtures, cooling, heating, and add photos and notes.

  • Sketch - Draw a property floorplan with the handy mobile Sketch feature, and your property square footage is calculated automatically. We have a full article dedicated to mobile sketching capabilities; click here to read all about it.

  • Comparables - View important comp details including photos, a map view of the proximity to subject, sale price, number of beds, baths and more. Please note that comps must be entered in Nexus in order to appear in the mobile view.

  • Subject - Store tax and legal information, and general subject details including: borrower, owner on record, legal description, map reference, census tract, tax year, property tax amount, occupant, HOA fees, assignment type & more.

  • Contract & Analysis - Enter key contract and property analysis details. What is the contract price and date? Is the property seller the owner of public record? What is the sale type? What is the overall condition and quality of the property?

  • Neighborhood - Determine neighborhood characteristics such as name, boundaries, location, and the % of growth in the area. Make note of an housing trends in the area and present land use percentages.

  • Site - This is where you will enter info like site dimensions and zoning descriptions/compliance, utilities, offsite improvements (streets & alleys), FEMA details, and adverse site conditions or external factors.

Work through the inspection tiles and sketch while you're still at the property (or from anywhere you need to be!) to save yourself time later, during the report building process.

Complete an inspection by tapping the check mark in the upper right-hand corner.

Please Note: At this time, the primary intended workflow when using the Mobile Inspection App is to start the inspection on your mobile device, and then sync the information into the relevant Nexus report on your desktop or laptop computer.

Mobile App ➡️ Nexus Report = ✅

Find out how you can sync mobile inspection details into your Nexus report:

Inspections Tab

When you have the mobile app open, look to the bottom of the screen and select the Inspections tab.

This is a list of inspections that have been started on your mobile app. Select an inspection to view the full details or continue working on it.

Network Activity Log

Select More > Help & Support > Network Activity Log to see the status of every photo upload in the mobile app. Data jobs are also detailed here.

Click here to see the full details on your Activity Log and how it works!

If you have any further questions about the Mobile Inspection App and how to get started, contact our friendly support team via live chat 💬

Click the green circle in the lower right of your screen to start a conversation:

Get a tour of the rest of the Anow Mobile App:

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