When you login to connect.anow.com click the My Network tab:

Your network of appraisal companies will appear on a map-view, with company details listed below:

If there's a specific company you're looking for, use the search tool to narrow down the results or click on an area of the map to filter the results.

You can add tags to each company to make them easily searchable:

You also have the ability to remove a company if you no longer need them in your network:

Click on a listed company to reveal the full details including contact information, an overview of their appraisers, their service area, and internal notes.

Find A New Network Member

To add a new company to your network, click the Find Member icon towards the upper right of the screen. A panel will open prompting you to enter the name, phone, email or area of the member you're searching for.

For this example I will search for "Accurity". I can see the available member company names, services offered, and the ability to add them to my network. Any "Added" companies will appear in your main network area.

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