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How do I embed the online order form to my website?
How do I embed the online order form to my website?
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Click on your initials in the top right corner, then select Account. Navigate to the Widgets tab.

Under the Web Order Form heading, you will see two ways to use the order form. One is sending out the link directly to your clients. Copy and paste this link and send it directly, or even link it in your email signature. You can click the Preview in New Window to see what your order form will look like. Make sure you add your logo in the Company settings to customize the form.

The second way to use the order form is to embed it directly on your website. Copy and paste the iframe code and paste it in your website code. If you are comfortable with code, you can adjust the iframe size to your needs, or leave it up to your webmaster. Any orders placed through this form will be automatically sent into your Anow account. You will receive email notifications for all new orders.

Preview of your order form, customized with your logo & company name

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