To access your Users table click your initials in the top right corner, select Account, then Users. From here you can click on any of the user lines to edit the details associated with that user. 

First are the basics, Role, First & Last Name, Phone Numbers and any relevant Designations. 

Next, Appraiser Commission % and Review %. When a user is assigned as the Appraiser on an order or to a specific fee line item, the Appraiser Commission % you’ve entered on the user profile will be automatically calculated under the Fees & Costs section. With regards to Reviewer %, when a user is assigned as the Reviewer on an order, their commission will be calculated based on this percentage and the appraisal report fee for the given appraisal.

Over towards the right you can enter any relevant License or Error & Omission information, including policy numbers and expiration dates. This is also where you can grant each individual user the permissions to mark orders as Paid.

The only fields that you must have filled out for each user are their email, role, and name. 

You also might have noticed that you don’t have the ability to edit a user’s email address. Click here to learn more. 

If you make any changes to the user profile, make sure you click Save to confirm!

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