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How do I clone/duplicate an order?
How do I clone/duplicate an order?

The new Clone Appraisal function makes duplicating orders in Anow fast and easy!

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Have you ever found yourself entering appraisal after appraisal in the same building, only changing the apartment or unit number?  If so, then you should definitely try our new Clone Appraisal function to easily duplicate an order! 

Taking advantage of this tool can help you save time, and it's easy to use! To start, all you have to do is click on the appraisal you want to copy from the main Appraisal Dashboard. Once you are redirected to the Appraisal Details page, you will see a new Clone Order button (pictured below) next to the Print Order and Delete Order options.

Simply click the Clone Order button to open up a Create New Appraisal window that will automatically contain details from the existing order you just copied. Now all you have left is to enter the few items that are different from the original appraisal and you're finished! 

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