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Frequently Asked Questions
UWM Appraisal Direct

Everything you need to start getting orders from one of the top 10 lenders in the US!

Anow Academy
Reports Now ™

Welcome to the future of form filling! Find out how you can build better reports, from anywhere.

User Management

Learn how to add and manage your users, and what the various roles mean.

Main Dashboard and Pending Orders

Learn more about your appraisal list, filters, and pending orders area.

Appraisal Order Details

Learn how you can stay organized and manage your appraisal details online.

Analytics & Reporting

Learn how to track revenue, turn around times, payroll, outstanding invoices and more.


Learn more about how to generate and send your invoices.

Calendar & Scheduling

Learn how to schedule and use the ANOW calendar, including how to link your Google calendar!

Workflow & Tasks

Learn how to get set up with ANOW's custom workflow templates.

Anow Mobile

Easy articles on how to download & use the mobile app for iOS/Android

My Preferences & Company Settings

Learn about office management tools, custom lists and file number systems, and more!

Emails, Notifications & Messages

Learn about the different notifications in Anow and your e-mail settings

Helpful Videos

More of a visual learner? Maybe these videos will help!

Subscription Management

Manage your Anow subscription or upgrade from your free trial.

Clients & Contacts

Need help adding, editing or managing your clients? Look no further!

Anow Connect

Learn how Anow Connect can help you accept orders online and communicate with clients faster and easier than ever before.

Anow Walkthrough

Complete property inspections in less than 30 minutes - and without having to leave your house!

Review and QC Dashboard

Learn more about the QA/QC Dashboard and how to assign an advanced reviewer.

Import Tool

Learn about importing historical information or live orders with a CSV file!

Integrations & Add-Ons

Learn how to integrate ANOW with multiple other platforms with our Add-Ons.


Part of the NVS appraiser panel? You might find these resources useful!

Anow Credits

Introducing a new way to manage pay-for-use Anow features

Anow Marketplace for Portal-Only Users
Anow For Lenders