What is a Revision flag?

The Revision flag allows you to mark any order that needs a review and you can leave a revision note!

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The Revision flag feature was designed to save you time by giving you the opportunity to better identify your appraisals that need review at a quick glance.

Start by clicking on an appraisal from your main Appraisal Dashboard to see the full details of that order. On the left-hand side you will see the address for that appraisal, and just underneath that is where you can select the Add Revision button to flag the order.

When you click the Add Revision button, a pop-up will appear (shown below) with an area to add notes explaining the reason for review. You can also adjust the status of the appraisal here. Once you've added any notes you want associated with the Revision flag, click the blue + Add Revision button to add the tag to your order.

Now that the Revision flag has been added, you will see a purple button that says Revision Required below the address on the left-hand side of your appraisal details page. You can also identify an order that has been flagged as needing a revision on your main Appraisal Dashboard by looking for the purple pencil icon on the line details for an order.

You can turn on your e-mail notifications for Revision by accessing your Notifications tab through the My Preferences page, or simply click here.

To get more information on how to update a Revision flag to a Revised status, look for our How to mark an order as Revised support article, or click here.

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