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How to mark an order as Revised
How to mark an order as Revised

Learn how to flag your appraisals to help you keep track of which orders have been Revised and why.

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Click here to get more details on the Revision flag feature and how to add a Revision flag to an appraisal.

Once your order has been marked with the Revision flag and the necessary review has been completed, you can update the flag to Revised. This feature will help you further identify the workflow status of an appraisal "In Progress".  

You will be able to tell if an order has a Revision flag by looking out for a purple Revision Required button (pictured below). If you see this button on the Appraisal Details page and the revision has been done, you can modify the details to show this order as Revised.

Start by clicking the Revision Required button, and a pop-up will appear giving you the option to add final revision notes and update the flag status. After you add any required notes, click the blue Revised button to update!

Now that you have updated the Revision flag, you will see a new Revised icon on the Appraisal Details page, as well as in the order summary on your main Appraisal Dashboard. 

  • Appraisal Details page:

  • Main Appraisal Dashboard:

You can add multiple Revision flags to an order "In Progress", even if you have already marked it as being Revised from a previous flag.

You can turn on your e-mail notifications for Revisions by accessing your Notifications tab through the My Preferences page, or simply click here.

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