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What is the Historical Appraisals Map View?
What is the Historical Appraisals Map View?

Learn how to see the location and fee total of all your completed appraisals with Map View!

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Historical Appraisals Map View is an incredible tool that you can use when you want to visualize appraisals you have done in a specific area, during a specific time period, or done by a specific appraiser. Just follow these simple instructions and watch as ANOW populates all the previous appraisals you have completed in that area, along with the fee that was charged!

1) Select the Map tab from the top of your main Appraisal Dashboard, or click here

2) To see all Completed Appraisals on the map, select the calendar icon with the checkmark under View (pictured below). The page header will change from "Upcoming Appraisals" to "Completed Appraisals" once the icon is clicked to help you keep track of which orders you are looking at on the map. 

3) The completed appraisals can be filtered by location, date, and appraiser if you wish to narrow the pool of completed orders you will see in the map view. 

4) All finished orders will be represented visually by a purple dot to help you easily pin-point the location, along with a green box containing the fee for that appraisal. The Historical Appraisals Map tool also gives you the option to see things in a map view or a satellite view:

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