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How to add a Contractor Account
How to add a Contractor Account
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To add a Contractor to your Anow team, simply follow the steps outlined below! 

1) To begin, you will need to access the Users page. You can do this by selecting your initials or avatar in the top right corner, then selecting Users from the dropdown menu. 

2) Next, you will want to select the Add Contractor button to expand the New Contractor form fillable. Here is where you will enter the first name, last name, and e-mail address for the Contractor you are adding.

3) Clicking Add Contractor, once you've filled out the appropriate information, will add the Contractor to your team, as well as send a confirmation message to their e-mail address.

4) Once the Contractor has confirmed their Anow account, you can immediately start sending them orders to work on!

The Contractor User role has no flat monthly fee, however, there will be a fee charged for each assignment sent to this user. This user will also have very limited access to Anow.

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