For details on how to add a Contractor Account to your Anow team, be sure to check out our other support articles. 

1) First, you will need to add a new appraisal to Anow from either the New Appraisal form or the Quick Add form. 

2) Enter all of the information for the new order as normal. In the Assigned Appraiser field, select the Contractor you wish to send the order to. You will know which users are Contractors by the purple icon you see next to their name. Finish adding the new order to the Anow system.

3) The new appraisal will now appear in the Contractor’s Pending orders area, and they can add it from there to begin working away!

Click here for the instructions on accepting an order as a Contractor.

The Contractor user role has no flat monthly fee, however, there will be a fee charged for each assignment sent to this user. This user will also have very limited access to Anow.

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