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Driving Distance and Mileage Auto-Calculator
Driving Distance and Mileage Auto-Calculator

Learn how to setup, calculate, and generate reports for Round Trip Driving Distance!

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Anow's Driving Distance calculator is an extremely beneficial tool for those wanting to keep track of how much they, or their appraisers, have been driving to-and-from appointments. 

First, you will need to setup your Primary Company Profile details. You can access the Company Profiles page by clicking your initials in the top right of your screen, and selecting Account from the menu. Here is where you have the ability to add or edit your company's details, including the full office address, so that driving distance can be calculated. It's important to include the country in your company's address so that the Driving Distance will be set to KM or Miles, accordingly. 

On the Appraisal Details page, you will find the Round Trip Driving Distance located just below the small Google Maps view (pictured below). The default information that you will see here is the Round Trip Driving Distance between the appraisal property location and your Primary Company Profile location.

To see what the Round Trip Driving Distance would be from this property location to a different Company Profile, simply click the distance value underlined in blue. What you will now see is a field where you can change which Company Profile is being used for reference. You can also see the individual values for the Distance There and the Distance Back

Finally, you can visit the Analytics tab to see a table of all Driving Distance records for Completed orders, within a certain timeframe. You also have the option of generating a PDF or Excel report that includes the Completed and Paid Dates, Round Trip Distance driven, Assigned Appraiser, total Fees & Costs, as well as the Client who ordered the report.

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