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How to mark an appraisal as Paid on the order details page
How to mark an appraisal as Paid on the order details page
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The Fees & Costs section might look a little different to you, including the way that you mark an order as fully Paid. Follow the steps outlined here to update the fee status of your orders:

First, go to the Details page for the order you want to mark as Paid. Next, click on Add Payment underneath the Fees & Costs section. 

You should see a payment form expand which gives you the opportunity to enter a description (or title) for the payment, the dollar amount that was paid, the date that the payment was made, and the payment method. 

The following is a preview of the different payment types Anow has to offer:

Last but not least, make sure that you click Save. The Fees & Costs section will automatically recalculate and update for you based on the payment amount you just entered. If you enter a payment for the full fee amount, your order will be in a Paid status, and if you enter a partial payment, your order will be in a Partial Payment status. For this particular example, the purple Unpaid badge has now changed to a green Paid icon, and you will notice that the Outstanding Balance now shows $0.00. 

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