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Client Access link vs. Order Form link
Client Access link vs. Order Form link

What's the difference between Client Access and the online Order Form? Learn all about it here!

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Your Anow Connect Settings include the links to both the Client Access portal, and the online Order Form.ย 

The Order Form link is what you will send to your clients so that they can order appraisals from you online, and they will appear directly in your Anow Order Desk for you to accept or reject. This URL will contain the word "sites".

The Client Access link is where your clients will go to keep track of and monitor the progress on any orders they have placed through the Order Form. This URL will contain the word "login".

โ€‹*If your client sees the same login screen when they go to either of the page links, they simply need to login to their client account and they will then be redirected to the proper screen!

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