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How to order an appraisal using the Anow Connect Order Form
How to order an appraisal using the Anow Connect Order Form

If you're a client, read this article to find out how you can order an appraisal online in minutes!

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For the fastest and best online ordering experience, you should register for a free client account! Once you've created an account and/or logged in, enter the link for the Order Form provided by the company you want to order the appraisal from.

Please Note:

  • Some order forms may be customized by the company you're ordering the appraisal from, so not all Order Forms will have all of the exact same fields. 

  • You can order as a guest.

1) First you will need to enter the property address for the appraisal you need completed. If you want to manually edit any specific address fields, select Edit Address to reveal the detailed fields. 

2) The next section of the form is where you will need to enter:

  • The date by which you need the appraisal completed.

  • Your name, email and phone number (this is only for those who order as a guest. If you login with your free client account to order, you will not need to enter this information).

  • The name of the person who the appraisal is being done for (Addressed To contact).

  • Any information related to the Property Owner/Borrower. 

3) Next you will want to enter the Property Access contact details as well as any notes or instructions that you want to have associated with this contact. 

4) The following section will provide you with fields to enter the Property Type, Report Type, Loan #, and more!

Please Note: If you select "Yes" under the FHA field, a Case # must be entered in order to move forward. 

5) Finally, you can choose whether or not you want to attach any special instructions or files to this particular order. You also can enter payment (credit or debit) and billing information here before submitting your request. 

6) Click Submit when you're ready to place the order.

7) This screen means that your appraisal has been requested, and the company will then determine if they accept or reject it from this point on. 

Please contact our friendly support team if you have any further questions 😃

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