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Can I communicate with clients through Anow Connect?
Can I communicate with clients through Anow Connect?

Use the Shared Notes & Messages feature to chat with your Connected Clients right from Anow.

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Send notes directly from an order in Anow, into your client's e-mail inbox and Client Access portal!

On the Appraisal Details page for an order that was placed through the Anow Connect Order Form, you will see something a little bit different under Notes & Messages... Send note to Connected Client

If you check off the box next to Send note to Connected Client then add a note or message into this section, your client will be able to see that message when they login to their Client Access portal. 

Here's an example of a message being added to the Details page for an appraisal ordered from a Connected Client:

Once the message or note has been added, the client will get an e-mail notification letting them know: 

The client can login to the Client Access portal and click on an appraisal to see any notes associated with that order. Here's a preview of what the client will see when they check their messages on an order: 

Bonus: The Shared Notes feature works the other way around too! Connected Clients can send/reply to messages directly from their portal, and you will be able to see those messages on the Anow Details page for the appraisal ordered. 

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