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How do I refund a client for a payment they made?
How do I refund a client for a payment they made?

Learn how you can do full or partial refunds for client payments!

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Refunding a client payment through Anow is an easy process that can be done in just minutes!

Step 1: Click your initials in the top right then choose "Payments" from the list

Step 2: You should now see the "Payment History" table where you can choose the date range of payments you'd like to see,

Step 3: Find the payment you need to refund and click on it from the list, 

Step 4: Click the green "Refund Payment" button, 

Step 5: A popup will appear. Choose whether you want to do a full or partial refund for this payment, then click "Refund" once you've entered the appropriate refund amount,

Step 6: Once the refund has been successfully processed (can take between 5-10 business days to appear on your client's statement), you will see a "Refunded" badge under the "Payment Status" column. 

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