Attention Canadian appraisal firms... 

You can now have the appropriate provincial taxes automatically calculated and added to your Anow Invoices for you! 

To check and see if this feature has been activated for you, 

  1. Click your initials in the top right corner and select Account from the list,

  2. Make sure that you are setup as a Canadian company (this feature will only work if you have "CA" or "Canada" entered as the country on your company profile)

  3. Under your company profile, click Edit or Add next to your Invoice Defaults, 

  4. On this popup look to see if the box next to Include Tax has been checked off; if so, this means this feature is currently turned on. To turn it off, uncheck the box.

*Important Note*
The tax % that is calculated will be based off of the province of the appraisal you are working on. For example, this screenshot shows the amount of tax that is calculated for an appraisal being done in British Colombia:

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