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Bulk Payment Feature in Order Analytics
Bulk Payment Feature in Order Analytics

Want to mark multiple orders as "Paid" in Analytics at one time? Click here to learn more!

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We've made an exciting upgrade to your Order Analytics in Anow! 

Now you can check off multiple orders at once, mark them all as Paid, and enter relevant payment details at the same time. 

  1. Go to your Anow Order Analytics.

  2. Once you've chosen what filters and date range you want, click Apply and then Expand to reveal the order details.

  3. You will now see check boxes to the left of each line item shown:

4. Check off any orders you want to mark as Paid: 

5. After selecting all the orders you want to mark as Paid, scroll back up and click the Apply Payment button towards the right of your screen: 

6. A popup will appear giving you the opportunity to edit the Description, Payment Date, Payment Type and Reference # associated with this batch of bulk payments:

7. Click Apply Payment whenever you're ready to proceed and mark the chosen appraisals as Paid!

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