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Declining NVS Orders in Anow
Declining NVS Orders in Anow
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Now that NVS and Anow have partnered together, as a member of the NVS panel, you have the opportunity to accept or DECLINE orders from your Anow Order Desk.

When you login to Anow, look to the left side for your Order Desk:

Click Pending to see any new, incoming orders that have been assigned to you:

Simply click on the NVS name from the left panel under Pending to reveal all assignments from NVS:

Pick the order you want to decline, select the arrow to the right of where it says "Accept," and a dropdown with a "Decline" option will appear:

Once you decline the order in Anow, there’s no need to also decline it on the NVS vendor portal - it’s already communicated back to NVS. The badge next to that order will also change to show the date it was declined in Anow:

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to the support team via live chat or by emailing

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