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How do I sync my Anow Calendar to iCal?
How do I sync my Anow Calendar to iCal?
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Start by going to your ANOW Calendar. 

On the right of the screen, there are 3 tabs. Click on the 3rd tab - 'Filter'.

Near the bottom, click where it says or use ICAL Subscription link. A box will appear with a link. Click Copy.

To add the feed to your iCal, follow these instructions:

1. Open iCal, select File then choose New Calendar Subscription from the dropdown menu.

2. Paste the link you copied from Anow earlier into the Calendar URL field. Click Subscribe.

3. Customize the calendar information as you want it to appear in iCal including the name, colour, and alert options. Click OK.

4. You'll now see your new calendar appear in iCal under your Other calendars. Make sure the new calendar subscription from Anow has been checked off. Once checked off, your Anow appointments will instantly appear. 

Please note the calendar for iCal is a one-way sync, and only dates in Anow will be added to your calendar, not the other way around.

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