New Appraisal Dashboard View

We've built an exciting new view of your appraisal history and current orders.

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When you login to Anow and the dashboard view loads, this is what you'll see:

Along the top of the screen you'll see a breakdown of your Open orders, appraisals In Progress, and work that needs Attention.

Each of the values under these headers are clickable filters. For example, if I want to see only Scheduled orders that are currently In Progress, I can click on that value and my dashboard will be narrowed down.

Towards the right of your screen there's also the Search & Find feature that allows you to bring up specific results in seconds. 

Same as the previous appraisal dashboard, you'll get all the important order details you need at a glance and you can click on any order for the full workfile.

Next to the search box is the Calendar icon. 

Clicking on this icon will reveal all the Appointments and Due Dates you have for today's date. You can select any date you want to get a preview for on the mini-calendar and you'll get the agenda for the chosen day. 

On the left side of the dashboard you'll notice a new Order Desk that by default shows your Open & In Progress orders. There's also an option to view your Pending orders, 

The Workflow section allows you to filter your entire order history based on workflows and tasks you have set up in Anow. Select the workflow of your choice and a slide-out will appear giving you the option to narrow things down even further to a specific task in that workflow.

Last is the Visibility section that gives you the power to choose whether or not you want to see your Completed, Cancelled, On Hold, or Imported orders included on the dashboard. Simply click the eye icon to remove that status from your dashboard. 

To reset any filters you've set, select Reset Filters on the left of your screen.

Please contact our friendly support team via live chat if you have any further questions!

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