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How to assign multiple appraisers to an order
How to assign multiple appraisers to an order

An exciting NEW feature allows you to assign more than one user to each appraisal in Anow!

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When you go to the appraisal details page for an order in Anow, you'll notice some differences on the left side of the page underneath the property address. 

If you assigned an appraiser to the order at the time you created the order, they will appear here as the primary appraiser.

Underneath the primary appraiser there's an option to Add Another appraiser to the file. Click here and a dropdown will appear allowing you to select which appraiser you'd like to add. Select the green Assign button next to the appraiser you want.

Now you'll see the initial appraiser you assigned (John Jacobsen in this example), as well as the additional appraiser you just selected (Demo User). You also have the option to make one of the additional appraisers the primary on that order. 

After assigning more than one appraiser to an order, if you go back to your main appraisal dashboard, you'll see those changes represented under the Appraiser column. Hover over the circles under Appraiser to see the Primary Appraiser and Other Assignees.

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