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Avatars: Add a photo to your user profile!
Avatars: Add a photo to your user profile!

You can now upload photos for each user in Anow.

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To upload a photo to a user profile, begin by clicking your initials in the top right and selecting the Users option from the dropdown menu. You'll be redirected to the user page where you can choose which user you'd like to add an avatar for. Click their name, then you'll see their profile details. 

Click on the black circle at the top of the page with the user initials and select the Add Profile Photo option.

A pop-up will appear prompting you to upload or drag & drop the photo you want to have for this user: 

Once you've selected your photo, you have the option to zoom in and adjust the positioning as you'd like. When you're happy with what it looks like, click the blue Upload button.

Now you'll see this photo appear next to this user on the user page, as well as on the main dashboard when that user is the appraiser, including if there are multiple assignees on an order. 

Main dashboard:

Appraisal details page:

*Remember to keep your photo professional! 

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