What is a Contractor?

Click here to learn the difference between a Standard Anow user and a Contractor.

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What is a Contractor user role in Anow?

The major difference with a Contractor user role there is no flat monthly fee, instead you will be charged a fee for each assignment sent to a Contractor in Anow. The Contractor user role also has very limited access to Anow, and they cannot be assigned to different types of Standard user roles in Anow (they can only be assigned to an order as Primary Appraiser).

What is a Standard Anow user? 

This is meant for staff appraisers and there is a flat monthly fee associated to the subscription. This user can have unlimited appraisals assigned to them at no extra charge. Standard Anow users can also be assigned to a number of different roles based on what permissions they need to have. 

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