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Add Custom Report Types & Loan Types to your Company Settings
Add Custom Report Types & Loan Types to your Company Settings

2 NEW dropdowns are available on your settings page - meaning less data entry.

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To customize the new dropdowns available for Report Types and Loan Types:

1) Click your initials in the top right corner when you login to Anow
2) Select "Account" from the menu options
3) Navigate to the "Company Settings" tab
4) Scroll down to the "Custom Dropdown Lists" header and here you'll see an area for Loan Types and Report Types:

5) Customize these lists based on your company needs to reduce data entry when adding a new order into Anow
6) Add, edit and remove Loan Types and Report Types anytime going forward
7) Monitor Loan Type and Report Type Analytics with these new fields:

**There's also a checkbox underneath the Report Types list that, when checked off, allows report types to be dynamically added to the dropdown when used in the new appraisal or details page. In other words, every time you add a new Report Type, you won't have to type it in again next time. 

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