Enhanced Appraisal Assignment

Assign appraisals based on appraiser location, coverage area, and appraisal capacity.

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When you add a new appraisal into Anow, you'll see a button under the Details section, next to the appraiser assignment field:

When you click the Enhanced Assign button, this popup will appear (see screenshot below). By default, it will show you any appraisers within 50 kilometers of the appraisal property address, allowing you to more accurately pick the best appraiser for the job. 

You'll notice there are columns describing the appraiser name, license type, number of years licensed, their order capacity, location, and distance from the property address entered. 

**Assignment Capacity can be set in the UWM Marketplace - Basic section for each appraiser

You can adjust the Proximity filter for any distance you'd like:

There's also options to filter the list of appraisers by their User Role, as well as including users inside this Coverage Area (scroll to the bottom of this article for more information on Coverage Areas). 

Once you've selected the appraiser you want to assign, click the green Assign button next to their name. The order will then appear on their main dashboard and they can begin working on the file at anytime. 

Coverage Area

Begin by clicking your initials in the top right of your account and selecting the Users tab. Select the user from the list that you want to look at and go to the Coverage tab under their profile. You can edit, delete and add coverage areas here.

Click View Map at the top right to see the coverage area in a map:

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