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Quick Tips & Advice on the Appraisal Dashboard View

Finding the new dashboard a bit confusing? Click here for details!

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New Filters

There are a bunch of filters available on the main appraisal dashboard in Anow, designed to help you find the information you need in just a few seconds. Here are some details to keep in mind as you try out the new view.

  • Even though we added in new filters, we didn't remove anything you would have been used to on the old view. You can still easily find Overdue, Rush and In Progress orders (and many more statuses) by clicking on any of the main filters at the top of your screen: 

Calendar View

Want to get a Calendar view of what you have due on any given day from the dashboard? No problem! Click the Calendar button to the right of the search box and a mini calendar will appear showing you appointment dates and due dates for the current day, by default. 

You can click on any other days to see the relevant details. To retract the calendar from your dashboard, click on the Calendar button one more time

Reset Filters

To clear your screen of any filters in just one click, select the Reset Filters option on the bottom left of the page: 

Pending Orders (old 'Order Desk')

When you login to Anow you will automatically be shown the list of orders that you've already accepted. To see your orders that are pending acceptance, look to the left of your screen and select the Pending option. Here you will see orders brought in from MailNOW, Anow Connect, MercuryNOW and TotalNOW. This was previously called the "Order Desk" in the old view. 

Too many filters?

If you find there are too many filters on the dashboard, you can click on the wheel next to the search box and uncheck the filters you don't actively use. This will customize the options for filters you see on your main page. This can be updated at any time.

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