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The new Order Messages feature will help improve communication among teammates and keep your entire office more organized. Designed with a fresh and modern look, the new order messages panel offers LIVE message updates so you never miss a beat. This feature is also designed to help save you time from sifting through dozens of email updates; all of your messages are kept and updated in one area of Anow. 

On the details page you'll notice the Order Messages tab looks a bit different than it did before. There are now Channels for each order: General, Appraiser, Review, and Admin.  

  • The General channel is for everybody who can see that order in Anow, whether it's an appraiser, reviewer, or admin. 

  • Note: Users assigned to a task on an order will also be included in the General channel. 

  • The Appraiser channel is for the assigned appraisers on the order and admins who can see this order. 

  • The Review channel is for anyone assigned as the Reviewer, as well as Admins.

  • Admin channel is only for admin  users. 

To see who is in each channel, click on the channel you want and hover over the number of members. 

You'll get email notifications for messages that you receive as well, and you can reply to those order messages directly from the email!

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