We released an exciting feature called Order Messages (click here for another article on this topic) and have already added a few improvements based on user requests. 

1) Email settings - You can now turn your message emails on or off on the Preferences page.

2) Ability to adjust viewing options - Encourage a particular workflow for your company by making Order Messages or Order Notes the first tab on the order details page. Go to your Account > Company Settings to make any changes. 

3) Default channels - You can now turn on or off the appraiser and reviewer channels for your company. Go to your Account > Company Settings to make any changes. 

4) Ability to send multi-line messages (just like regular order notes).

5) Smart send - If you hit ‘enter’ multiple times when sending a message, it will send the message only once (less email spam!).

6) Let your team know “I’ve got this” - Go to an individual message, and you’ll be able to click you’ve got it, and see that others have ‘gotten’ messages. This will appear in the Order Messages panel as well as on the order details page.  

Click the 3 dots next to any message to reveal the "I've got this" option:

View after you've clicked "I've got this":

7) Never miss a message again - If you are on the Order Notes tab on the order details page, there is now a consolidated unread count icon in the Order Messages tab so you don’t need to click to see if you’ve missed anything.

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