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Auto Reload Anow Credits

Read this article for more information on auto renewing your Anow Credits.

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With the new Anow Credits feature, you can set it up so that you don't have to manually worry about keeping track of credits and adding more to your account - the Auto Reload option takes care of the work for you!

Auto Reload ensures your team can always access the review products by automatically debiting your card when you balance goes below your minimum. The minimum purchase and auto reload threshold is $10.00 USD.

When you navigate to the Credits page in Anow (click here for instructions on how to find this) you'll see an option right underneath the Credit Summary header that's called Auto Reload. This will tell you whether or not you currently have this feature turned off or on.

If you click the Turn On button a Manage Auto Reload pop up will appear. Here you can choose to set the amount of credits you want to automatically reload onto your account, as well as the threshold at which you want those credits to be automatically reloaded. 

**It's important to note that the minimum purchase and auto reload threshold is $10.00 USD.

Make sure the green toggle next to Auto Reload is turned on, and then click the green Save button in order to turn this feature on!


You can edit or remove this setting at any time by clicking the pencil (edit) icon next to the Auto Reload status. 

The Manage Auto Reload pop up will appear again, and you can edit the amounts or totally turn off this feature by switching the toggle:

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