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Anow Credit Summary and Transaction History
Anow Credit Summary and Transaction History
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Credit Summary & Transactions

You can see the history of credits you've purchased and where your credits have been spent anytime through your Anow account. First go to the Subscription page then click the Credits tab. Here you'll see your Credit Summary including the current amount of credits you have available, the balance of those credits in USD $, and your transaction history. For each transaction you'll see:

  • The file number of the appraisal where credits were used (if applicable).

  • The type of transaction, whether credits were used for VeroSCORE, NVS, or you had credits purchased/auto reloaded. 

  • The date of the transaction.

  • The user who completed the transaction.

  • The number of credits that were bought or used.

  • The amount of credits remaining after that transaction or purchase.

  • The remaining credit balance in USD $.

Visit our Anow Credit support site for more details. 

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