Login to your account and choose the order you want to start working from the main dashboard. Once the details page loads, click the Nexus icon. A new tab will open and you should see something like this:

Click Create My Report to start configuring the form for this appraisal. First, you'll choose what kind of report you want. Select the drop down arrow to reveal the full list of reports available. 

For this example we're going to use a 1004. 

If this is your first form in Nexus, then you'll see "No Template Selected" in the field where you'd normally see the template you want to apply. If you fill out a similar type of form repeatedly, you can add a template to save yourself time down the road. 

The final piece to setting up the form is choosing whether or not you want to import data from Public Records, or from the Inspections tab of the Anow Mobile App. If you don't have information available in either of these areas, simply leave them blank and click Build Report

After you've set things up accordingly, you'll see the current page layout for the report.

You can add pages by clicking the plus sign along the top of the page, and rearrange the pages by dragging and dropping them under the Your Report column. Some of the other features available next to the Add Pages icon include cloning a form, building a template, checking out your photo gallery, adding a comp, and more!

Deleting pages is easy as well, just hover over the page in question and then click the trash icon when it appears. 

When you're satisfied with the layout, you can begin working on filling out the form itself! To give you a quick glimpse of what fields you can fill out, here's a photo from the Subject Info page on the 1004:

It's important to remember that Nexus is a collaborative experience, so if you're working on a form and another appraiser in the office is working on the same form, you'll be able to see each other in Nexus and follow (in real-time) what's being typed.

Click here to learn more about Nexus 😃

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