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With a modern new look, the Clients page is easier to navigate than ever before. That means fewer clicks when adding & assigning clients!

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Next time you go to the Clients page you'll notice a few exciting changes. Everything is in place to make your Anow experience even better and more seamless. 😀

Fresh New Look & Better Performance

The Clients page now has a fresh, modern interface with a panel that slides open. While it’s open, you can click on different clients from the main list and see their details without having to go back and forth between the main list and the client profiles. 

More Powerful Client Creation

  • Intelligent Individual/Company Selection - We’ve removed the Individual versus Company selection, so it’s one less thing to choose. If you don't type in a first or last name, we automatically create the client as a company. Note: Soon we're going to be introducing a Companies tab where you will be able to manage companies separately, as well as create branches for your companies. This is the first step toward getting there.

  • Order Source will automatically apply when creating new orders

  • New! You can select an Order Task Workflow when creating a new client or editing an existing client. This will be automatically applied when creating new orders with this client.

Add Report Requirement Files to your Order

Go to the Files tab on the profile and click the green "Upload report requirements file" button. You can upload files for each client that you want to be tagged with a ‘Report Requirements’ label, and then displayed in the Report Requirements section on the order details page for any orders where they are the Ordered By client. You can download these files straight from the order details page as well. 

Better Client Updates

When you change the Ordered By client on the order details page, your client details regarding Task Workflow, Order Source and Report Requirements will be updated upon refresh! WOW!

Fee Schedules

You can now set up a Fee Schedule for each client you have stored in Anow. This means you can select a specific Report Type, enter a Report Fee amount, and each time you assign this client to an order with the selected Report Type chosen, the Report Fee you entered will automatically appear.
Note: You can do this after you've added a client and click their name from the list. 

Client Scorecard

The Client Scorecard is a new tool designed to help you generate time-based statistics on your clients.

Here's a visual guide to show you how these improvements work!

On the New Appraisal Form:

On the Appraisal Details page:

These upgraded features (and more) are available in the Anow Accelerate plan. Contact our support team for further details 😃

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