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Comparing the Client Page: Before and After
Comparing the Client Page: Before and After

Want to get a look at the key differences between the old and new Client pages in Anow? Click here to learn more!

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There are a few key differences between the old view of the Client page, and the new view we updated in March 2020. Let's take a look.

Clients Page: Main List View

BEFORE: The full list of clients you have in Anow would look like this (see screenshot). The columns include Client Name, Company Name, E-Mail and Phone Number. 

NOW: The refresh to the Clients section includes an awesome re-design of the client list, now with more columns to show you valuable information at a glance including Last Order Date and # of Orders per client. 

Adding a New Client: Button



Adding a New Client: Form

BEFORE: The detailed form slides down from the top of the client list. You choose whether it's Individual or Company. 

NOW: You get a pop up window on your screen when you choose to add a new client. We’ve removed Individual versus Company so it’s one less thing to choose.
Note: Soon, we are going to be introducing a companies tab where you will be able to manage companies separately as well as create branches for your companies. This is the first step toward getting there.

Client Profile: Details

BEFORE: When you clicked on a client name from the main list, you'd be taken to a new page with all of the client details. You would have to click "Back to Clients" in order to see the list again or access another client profile. 

NOW: A slide out appears from the right of the screen so you can still see the client list and click on another client while the profile is open! This means fewer clicks. 

Client Details: Files 

BEFORE: When accessing the Files section of the client profile, you'd only have the option to upload generic files relevant to the client. 

NOW: The new Files section gives you the ability to upload files specifically for Report Requirement purposes, and they will appear on the order details page for any of this client's orders. You can also upload generic files, similar to the old Files section. 

Deleting Clients

BEFORE: To delete a client you would have to go to their client profile, then click the trash icon in the right corner to remove them from your list. 

NOW: You can easily delete clients right from the main client list, and you can select multiple clients to delete at the same time! Just check off the box next to their name, and click "Delete Selected Clients."

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