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Anow Connect + Clients = a Match Made in Heaven πŸ’š
Anow Connect + Clients = a Match Made in Heaven πŸ’š
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Let your client list do more for you! Anow now supports Anow Connect right from your clients list!

Connect Your Clients to Anow Connect

You'll see that there's a new column in your clients list called "Using Anow Connect". This will tell you at a glance if your client is using Anow Connect or not.

Click on a client name and open up the details panel. When you scroll down to the bottom, you'll notice a new section called Anow Connect with a button to invite your client to Connect. Click this button to send an email invitation to the client.

Once the invitation has been sent, you'll notice a new option to check off. Click this if you want the client to provide their credit card information so you can easily collect payments once the appraisal has been completed.

Now, if you have this option checked off and the client makes an order through the Connect order form, they will see an opportunity to fill in their credit card information with an estimated final price that was derived from the selected report type.

NOTE: in order for your report fees to correctly populate in Connect, you must make sure that your report fees in the client panel are the same values as the ones set up in on your Connect setting page.

How to Collect Payments

Once the order gets into Anow, you can mange it like a normal order: accept the order from the pending tab, and check out the order details page.Β 

Now, the button in the Connect box that typically says "Send Payment Link" will now say "Collect Payments."

Once you click this button, Anow will charge the final amount to the client credit card on file.Β 

COMING SOON: invoicing to the client with final amount!

​Have any questions or concerns? Let our support team know! πŸ˜„

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