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What is Anow Walkthrough?
What is Anow Walkthrough?

You've probably heard some buzz about it, so click here to find out what it's all about!

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Anow Walkthrough is an easy breezy homeowner inspection tool, designed to help appraisers when they cannot get inside a property. It's also an opportunity for homeowners to tell appraisers about their house and all the great things it has to offer. 

Why did we build it?

In response to the recent events in the world due to the COVID-19, many businesses have been impacted severely, and property appraisers have not been left unscathed.
Anow has chosen to respond with innovation. We want you to be able to still charge for full appraisals and do full appraisals by helping you collect the information you need to be confident in your reports.

Anow Walkthrough offers a step by step guide for homeowners to capture photos and necessary info of the interior and exterior of a property so you don’t have to put yourself or anyone around you at risk. This revolutionary feature is included in every Anow account. 

How does it work? (A high-level overview)

Walkthrough is branded to you. You're able to promote your business and offer this service to homeowners for no extra cost. Simply send the form and follow along, or walk them through via phone or video chat. 

Step 1: Send a text (In Canada only) or email to the access contact

In the order, scroll down to the contact for access option. Click on the Add button and provide the first name, last name, phone number, email address, and relationship.

When you've got a Contact for Access entered, click on the "Get Started" button to send them the survey link.

Step 2: Homeowners and realtors follow a step by step guide to gather compliant specific property information

This is a preview of the email the homeowner will receive when an appraiser sends them a Walkthrough survey request. They'll get a text message if they are in Canada as well if their phone number is entered on the Appraisal Details page. 

Step 3: Once complete, Anow's public records database and artificial intelligence reviews for accuracy and fraud prevention

Please note that the pictures you are submitting will be used by a real estate appraiser to assist in the development of an appraisal report. It is important to understand that purposely manipulating, or altering the photos will result in possible legal action and loss of your loan. Appraisal reports that are developed with the use of owner submitted photos are subject to re-inspection to confirm accuracy.

Step 4: You receive report-ready content to complete a full appraisal in the comfort of your own home

You'll get an email letting you know that the homeowner has finished filling out the Walkthrough survey you sent them. You can check out the results anytime! 

This is a preview of a completed Walkthrough survey. You'll see all of the photos and details entered by the homeowner here. 

You can also download all of the photos they've attached. 

The home inspection process doesn't need to be daunting. It takes 30 minutes or less as our streamlined design allows anyone to complete the process, regardless of their abilities. Have a smartphone? You're in.

Click here for more information on Anow Walkthrough, how to use it, and more! 

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